Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eating cheap AND healthy....


potatoes fried in bacon grease (50 lb bag for $9.50 from farmers market and $1 a lb bacon deal)
oranges slices from farmers market in Clayton
raw milk from our local farmer

blackeyed peas and ham (ham and ham bone were gift from friend, locally grown ham only local feed and pasture)
raw milk from local farmer

blackeyed peas, ham and organic brown rice in ham broth ( from local pastured pig)
raw milk from local farmer
carrot salad - (25 lb bag carrots for $10.50 from farmers market, organic apples from farmers market, organic raisins from FM, organic raw coconut from Wilderness Family Naturals and organic pecans from FM)

The month is only half done. I am trying to keep the budget down and see how little I can spend over the rest of the month. I can count on $50 for our next order of 10 gallons of milk though.

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