Friday, May 30, 2008


Homestar Runner anyone?

Here are the birthday boys and their sisters. They are all or almost 8,7 and 5 now. David Benjamin was just telling me while we were out in the garden picking peas this afternoon that he can recall when Fintan was born. He remembers my parents taking them to the hospital to see us and coming in the room where I was holding Fintan. He had just turned 3 then. I am truly surprised he remembers that. He says he can't remember when Isaac was born. LOL I wonder why!
He is just the sweetest big brother ever.It would have been better if we didn't all get sick that weekend. It ruined our camping plans. We need to go before it gets too hot.

Such big blue eyes and sweet chubby cheeks!


meg said...

Wow, my kids are really impressed by the cakes. Adam says he wants homestarrunner cakes for his birthday too.

Happy Birthday to my 3 little nephews!


Saponaria said...

Thanks, Meg. They had great birthdays. I just can't believe they are 8, 7 and 5 now!