Monday, October 20, 2008

Baking Day

We are grinding our wheat and baking the bread..for those in the family who can eat wheat. We have a Country Living Grain Mill that David attached to the counter. We got it years ago but never used it much because it really needs to be firmly attached to something very sturdy to be able to use it and it's time consuming and exhausting.

He ground about a gallon and a half of flour and that was enough for me to make 6 loaves of bread, 2 1/2 dozen bread rolls and 2 full size loaves of banana bread. We also made 2 dozen gluten free sweet potato muffins this morning. Here is a picture of the yeast bread and rolls. I didn't have a big enough bowl to mix up the bread and rolls so I tried making a giant pile of flour directly on the counter and slowly mixing in the liquid ingredients. I am not sure if that was really easier. I am hoping I can stretch this out over the week. I need to make some gluten free banana bread once we get the kitchen all carefully cleaned up. 5 small children really eat a LOT of food.


meg said...

6 loaves of bread plus two loaves of banana bread and you're hoping it lasts a week?? Wow. Your kids do eat a lot of bread! With our 3 kids, we go through one loaf a week! (The loaves of bread look gorgeous, by the way. I can almost smell them!)

Saponaria said...

Thanks :)

So do you not make them sandwiches for school? Or is it that even if you do that it still only lasts a week? Wow! We don't actually usually make sandwiches so we don't use much or at all unless I make it. But if we do buy a loaf of bread from the store it really is enough for sandwiches for one meal plus the heels and a piece or two besides that. And we aren't all eating the bread either since Isaac and I can't eat it.

It really is amazing how much food 5 kids can eat! Just a couple more can really make a difference. They ate an entire loaf of bread for breakfast that I made into cinnamon toast plus 8 eggs scrambled and they could have eaten more. Isaac ate leftover gluten free pancakes rather than toast.