Monday, December 1, 2008

Straw and stuff!

You can see the new feeder and waterer here. That is Robin Hood in the background making a landing.

This is Loud Mouth. He was a very bossy busy little guy from the beginning always very alert to checking out what's going on. He has a little harem of two Porcelain d' Uccle hens, Tiny and Tick. They are all really tiny. The smallest of all our birds. Even more so than the other D' Uccles. I am not sure if that is typical or not.

This is the left side of the coop as you come in the door. They love all the straw! The entire coop is roofed but the left side only has the wire between the studs as you can see. We will eventually totally enclose it once we get around to putting in a large run. But I didn't want to have it fully enclosed before we had a run done.

This is Click and Clack. We really don't need two Golden Necked d' Uccle roosters. However they are really cute. They are always together. I don't know how they figured out from the beginning that they look the same but they did and they like to hang out.


capsela said...

David did a great job on the chicken coop! The boys are very excited to see *real live* chickens in a couple of weeks.

meg said...

Wow, this is so impressive! I can't wait to see it in person! I don't think you need to worry about finding places for us to take the kids - they are just going to want to run around your yard the whole time!