Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We have so much planting to do!

This is in the front yard looking away from the house. 

This is looking towards the house. That small square on the upper left corner is the same plot in the first picture. This is a strip you are looking at that is about 15 ft wide and goes around the top of the hill otherwise known as our front yard. You can't see all of it in the picture but it goes all the way around and evens up with the front of that square plot above. In the front of the long strip facing the house we are planting sweet potatoes and the rest of it will be corn. 

On the other side of this strip is the hugelkultur bed we are still building. In front of that however we have prepared a row of hill gardens and are going to be planting watermelons, pumpkins and a couple of different winter squash. They will have plenty of room to just trail down the hill between the fruit trees or over the hugelkultur bed. I have a few others beds not pictured for cucumbers and hopefully some more watermelon. 

Here is the front end of the gardens on the side of the house. The peppers are too small to be seen in front of this first row of sugar snap peas. To the right I currently have royal burgundy beans and swiss chard planted. Those are the potatoes in the back ground.

The side gardens. These are two rows of potatoes here. The row to the right is okra but it's not up yet. The next two rows aren't planted yet. I am thinking I'll do the back row in zinnias and cosmos. 

This is the back garden. You can't tell from this distance but it has 4 rows of peas in the back, then a row of eggplant, two rows of a variety of peppers, a row of haricot verts and a row of crowder peas. David just finished preparing two rows in the front for tomatoes and tomatillos..after I took this picture. 

Isn't Emmeline a little doll? She thinks she is so big.

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