Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chicken a la King

Everyone is looking for some tasty bugs in the garden.

This is a pretty little hen. She is a blue Mille Fleur. They are extra tiny even for bantams it seems. They are the smallest of all our chickens. The Porcelain Mille Fleurs we have are the smallest of the Mille Fleurs. She was very curious about the camera.

Here is one of our white Silkies. They are fascinating to look at. If I recall correctly white Silkies are the original color of the Silkies. They are less endearing to me than most of the other hens though. There is something just rather odd about them. David and I read the other night about how Marco Polo shared about Silkie chickens when he came back from his travels but no one believed him. They called his book The Million Lies. Chinese folk medicine says they make an extra nourishing broth. I guess we will find out one day. Their skin and bones are black.

One of our four Buff Orpingtons. I like them a lot. They seemed a rather rough lot when they arrived. Being larger than the others they just kind of step on the other chickens to get past.

This is another Mille Fleur here. You can see her feathering is black rather than the bluish color of the first bird. They take a couple of years to develop their full patterning. I wish I had gotten a picture of one of our Mille Fleur roosters. "Cock of the walk" comes to mind. They are very handsome and prone to strut with their beautiful tails and foot feathers.

Thirty-seven chickens have survived. I am having a hard time imagining getting rid of any of them. We ended up with a lot more hens than roosters even though we ordered straight run. A few roosters will have to go but we will keep a couple. We are talking about just building a large coop and chicken run to hold them and rotating with the chicken tractors. The chicken tractors will be ideal for any setting hens and chicks.

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