Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 2 and the chickens

I feel grrreat! I got up this morning with plenty of energy but some sinus yuck. I went ahead and juiced 3 quarts of juice for the day first thing this morning. It took like 55 min. I am surprised. Maybe I timed it wrong? I was just grateful I had time to make it and drink a quart before anyone woke up. I won't try drinking a whole quart at once again though.

I had at least a gallon of juice yesterday and 2 glasses of beet kvass. This morning I juiced 3 quarts of juice and that was several pounds of apples and carrots, a whole thing of celery (what is that called?), 2 large cucumbers, a bunch of parsley and half a cabbage. I plan on having more kvass. I love the sour taste in contrast to the sweet of the juice. I just love beet kvass though. I also did some exercise and dry brushing this morning as well. I like how good the dry brushing makes my skin feel. So far I am not really hungry. I do notice when I go too long before drinking some more juice. I get cranky. That's typical for me.

I am going to see about making some juice and lactofermenting it for a couple of days before drinking it. Some people on a list I am on have done that. I want to check out the recommendations for how to do it though. I really like sour drinks. All greens without sweets like apple and carrot are just gag worthy and impossible to get down. It feels awful in the back of your throat. I think maybe fermenting it will change that.

The boys left the side doors off two chicken tractors last night. There is a pile of feathers next to one. We need to count them and see who survived. There are still a ton of them out of there of course. I don't think too many can be missing. These were large openings so that gave them more of an opportunity to run off into the woods at night rather than be cornered in the tractor. At least we still have both our Buff Orpingtons. Of course the tractor that got closed fully is the bachelor pad full of roosters!

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