Sunday, May 3, 2009

Independance Days

I first read about Independance Days from Carla Emery's book, The Encyclopedia of Country Living. Last year after doing some rereading in Carla's book I read through her part on independence days and then the very next day ran across it on Sharon Astyk's blog.  Sharon is inviting everyone to join in and share about their own attempts for Independence Days. I'd highly recommend reading her post on this. I'll be attempting to follow along and note what we accomplish here. I think I probably need separate goals called "weed something" or "water something". There is so much to be done between plant and harvest. 

Sharon's take on it is a little different than Carla's but here are her 7 goals: 

1. Plant something 

2. Harvest something

3. Preserve something

4. Reduce waste

5. Preparation and Storage

6. Build Community Food Systems

7. Eat the Food

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Birdie said...

I read Sharon's blog. And I really intended to do that last summer, but I only did it for a week. Oops. I'll have to try again this summer.