Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2nd

Let's see. In the vegetable garden we have:

replanted eggplant

two 45ft rows of tomatoes planted

lima poles in and the lima beans are planted

charentais melon planted

super zagross middle eastern cucumber planted- crazy name!

costata romanesca zucchini planted

gentry summer squash planted

In the bed behind the kitchen door I got my stevia plants planted. The kids love to nibble on herbs in the garden and herbs growing wild. Well the super sweet stevia is a huge hit around here!

I also got a bunch of seeds planted in the bed across the front of the chicken coop and run. They are:

blue spire larkspur

mammoth russian sunflowers

indian spring hollyhocks

purple petra basil

anise hyssop

maiden pinks

victoria pink forget-me-nots


Eudora helped me pick out some seeds on my birthday and she went a little crazy. I couldn't tell her no. I have so much that still has to be planted. I am thinking about planting an entire garden row in zinnias. I have a variety of green, lavendar, purple and white zinnias. I need a lot of flowers out there for the children. They pick some every day, always bringing me and their Yaya more bouquets. It's awfully sweet but I was not happy when they nearly wiped out my sweet williams yesterday. You should hear how Eudora pronounces sweet william. It's so cute. 

I am really thrilled with how helpful all the children are in the garden. They are really starting to pull their weight this year. David Benjamin thinks he's awfully grown up wielding a hoe. And I wish I'd had my camera out there this evening when Emmeline rounded the corner of the house following her Daddy in her little lavendar sun dress and her arms full of tomato plants. She looked so sweet. She just wants to help and do what everyone else is doing. 

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