Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother's Day garden fun

I got these on Mother's Day. I had wanted an old fashioned climbing rose but it never even occurred for me to have any hopes of finding a Cecile Bruner. I love them and bought one as a teen. The ONLY old fashioned climbing rose I found was able to find was a Cecile Bruner. We are going to plant this one between the kitchen window and kitchen door and train it to climb over the top of both. 

I also got some lantana. Isaac overheard me saying how much I loved them and put them in my cart and said he wanted to get them for me. He's such a sweet little boy. I also got some lovage, golden marjoram and a giant lamb's ears. The fun stuff is I found a delicious chocolate mint, rose scented geraniums and an apple scented eucalyptus. 

That's the same trip I picked out all the seeds for the fairy garden. You'd think the cashier at a Pike's Nursery wouldn't feel the need to gasp over the amount of seed someone bought! 

There's just something about being a mother. You find that you've changed and that you find yourself thinking about your children all the time even when it's supposed to be "your" time. I can't pick out seeds and plants without constantly thinking about my children and what they would like to look at, pick and taste. 

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