Friday, April 29, 2011

The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden is going very well this year. I'm filling it up with more annuals and new perennial seedlings. The girls are so happy with their garden. We bought them this little pink picnic table last fall.

In the foreground of this picture is a eucalyptus tree. It died down this winter but is coming back at the base. We plan to cut the dead part down soon. Under it I have a bunch of tiny foxglove seedlings. And the barer areas of the garden to the left are actually full of cleome, sunflower and zinnia seedlings.

We plan to put a rustic arbor in this entryway very soon. I have moonflower seedlings at it's base. I grew some there two years and it was one of my absolute favorite flowers that I've grown. David and I love to walk in the garden at night and the moonflowers were just heavenly and filling the air with a wonderful fragrance.

On the left I also have a lot of hollyhock seedlings and I need to transplant them throughout the rest of the Fairy Garden.

The greenery in the foreground is mostly volunteer lettuce.

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