Friday, April 29, 2011

Vegetable Garden on the Back Forty

And I need to remember that pictures show up in the reverse order that I add them. This is a Jackson Wonder Bush Lima bean. Mmm. I can't wait. The last time I planted them they grew till they were killed by frost and just kept on producing till then. The heat slowed them down but not the cold.

Right now I have 4 rows of these in each segment and there are 4 segments/rows. There is another set of 4 in the back we are about to paper and mulch over for planting. The beds are about 3.5 ft by 10 ft long.

These are more Sugar Snap Peas because you know 32 ft on the side of the house is simply not enough. You really do have to plant a lot of peas to get much of anything from them. There is no way we could grow too many of these. They were hard to come by too. I need to buy them in bulk. Last year I couldn't get any so had to use what was left from the year before. This year they were back ordered and I had to wait a lot longer to get them than I'd normally plant them. Hopefully I can save seed this year. I just need to figure out how to do it since I do have some other peas planted in the garden.

In the front of the SSP's are a row of Yellow Fingerling Potatoes. On the other side is a volunteer potato I decided to leave and around it I planted Ruby Red Cabbage seedlings I started. I'm anxiously awaiting David having time to put up a trellis of some sort for these peas. *hint* *hint*

This is looking at the garden from the right and down near our driveway. I can't get a complete picture of it because of the size and the lay of the land. The bed closest to you is full of Tomatillo and Jalapeno Pepper plants. They were part of my winter sown seed experiment that I'd thought was going terribly bad but I was wrong. Things actually did well after all. I only experimented with tomatoes, peppers, tomatillo and eggplant this year though. I will absolutely be doing more this coming winter and hopefully it will include a lot of annual and perennial flowers.

This the garden view from the left and back of the house. It looks like about 8 beds but it's really 16. I have a lot planted in there right now but it's all just coming up and can't be seen because of the straw. I only have 3 or 4 beds left to plant...till we make more.

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